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New Project: Writing To A Photograph: Desire

My friend Jade is living in Japan and teaching English, we met in Laos. She came up with a great idea: we swap photographs and write about them—no specific form, it can be a poem, essay, etc. I minored in writing in college, but visual arts took over after that and I consider myself quite rusty with words. So, this will be a good exercise to get those writing skills back up to snuff. This project may go on for years, it may only be an occasional post, It’s basically an experiment. So, without further ado, here is the first image she sent and my short essay below.

Photo Of Desire


I’m old, but that feeling never quite goes away. It starts in my groin and then the heat travels up and fills my body. When I was young, it happened in seconds, an intense burning—an intense desire. At points I wished I had a switch that would just turn it off, turn it down even. It was all encompassing. I’ve moved states because of it, I’ve gotten in fights because of it (oh, just a little blood), and I’ve made bad decisions because of it. As I’ve gotten older, it has mellowed, it’s not so sharp-edged and jagged. It doesn’t affect my mind as strongly as it once did. I don’t mean to denigrate it, but I do appreciate the level that it is at now—warmer and rounder, and slower and tempered. It no longer makes me push, run hard through things, twist until I’m ready to burst. Desire. I don’t regret my past with her now, but I do appreciate that now it is a slow dance with her, a caress, a brushing of lips on her skin.


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Out Through The Looking Hole

From my upcoming Plain of Jars project. Yes, there is a story that goes along with the making of this image that involved four guys with AK-47s… but more on that later!

Tentatively titled Out Through The Looking Hole. Any better suggestions for a name?


Photo Out Through The Looking Hole

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No Exit, #3 — Which Version Do You Prefer?

These aren’t final images, just a project that I’m working on. I prefer the small area of sharpness in version #2 (Canon 45mm Tilt Shift lens), but prefer the overall look of version #1 (A lens I constructed from various optical parts). I think it would also make a big difference if I went in and lightened up the model’s face in version #2.

Any comments?

Photo No Exit #3 Version 1

No Exit #3 Version 1


Photo No Exit #3 Version 2

No Exit #3 Version 2

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No Words, #25

Photo No Words, #25

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Thinking About: Composition, #2

I think my favorite aspect of crafting a photograph is the composition. Something about perfecting the geometry—all the elements in a faithful order, or finding a very specific balance is supremely satisfying. It’s one of those odd visual things: You don’t really notice it if it’s done well.

This photograph was taken in a health care center in very remote area of Laos. Land Cruiser required for an NGO staff visit in the dry season, all but unreachable by vehicle in the wet.

Photo: Thinking About Composition #2

I like that you can draw an imaginary line from the upper left corner to the lower right and that line would cross a number of rectangles:

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Don’t Touch

I’m working on a new project with the kids at the Lone Buffalo Foundation in Phonsavan, Laos. I’ll have an announcement coming soon… the title? It’s in the poster below…

Photo of don't touch!

Don’t touch!

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Two Boys Killed, Two Badly Injured From UXO In Laos

This is not the news I like to share, but this is what brought me back to Laos and why I’m working here. Two boys were killed and two badly injured in Savannakhet Province after discovering a piece of UXO and inadvertently setting it off.

UXO_Kills_Children is a .pdf of the article.

UXO Kills Children


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Plain Of Jars Project In The Vientiane Times!

This is really cool! We are the topic of Ian Tait’s Quantum Bits column in the weekend edition of the Vientiane Times. If you would like to download a copy of the article, click here: Quantum_Bits_VT.

Please donate to the Plain of Jars Project here:



Quantum Bits Of Lone Buffalo!

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Featured AND Hottest Project Lists At StartSomeGood!

We don’t really like to brag… Well, maybe just a little bit! Thanks to our donors, we’ve made it to BOTH the Featured and Hottest Project lists on StartSomeGood!

Please keep us on the cool project’s list! Donate to the Plain of Jars Project here:

Or visit the project website here:



Featured AND Hottest! Thank You Donors!

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Broke $5000 AND On The StartSomeGood Hottest List!

Wow… halfway to our goal of $10,000 and not even halfway through the campaign!

Please help keep the fundraiser on the move! Only $100 allows us to bring one more student into the Lone Buffalo family for a year! Please donate here:

Check it, we hit the Hottest Category on the StartSomeGood front page:


Hot, Hotter, Hottest

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