Production Photos: Lone Buffalo Film Crew!

With all the excitement of the our film being shown at the Vientianale Film Festival (a group of Lone Buffalo students made an Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) awareness film for youngsters) I had been remiss in posting some of the photos of the crew and production.

(For photos of the students at the film festival, see here.)

I’ll make up for that now:

That’s me to the left and the wonderful James Thomas to the right. James is a journalist and volunteered to help produce the film; his wife Jackie was a volunteer English teacher at Lone Buffalo.

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 01

That’s Ms. Pa on the floor next to me. We were exploring the concept of using a low camera angle to make a subject seem larger or more powerful.

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 02

Ms. Pa again, out working on camera and audio skills:

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 03

Capturing some footage of Lone Buffalo’s girls’ soccer team. Yes, that’s a cow you see through the goalposts. Yes, there are almost always cows grazing on the soccer pitch…

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 04

The white board and the basics on the first day of class. Some vocabulary practice to the left. Teng Vue is a senior student and I generally make fun of him as much as possible…  🙂

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 05

Idea generation: Student notebook when we were discussing ideas for UXO awareness. Yes, this is what happens.

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 06

Out shooting part of the first scene of the film on a remote soccer pitch to the north of Phonsavan. It was quite a beautiful day.

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 09

These are storyboards—a visual representation of what the film will look like scene by scene. No, I didn’t draw these. If I had, you would have seen badly drawn stick figures. These were drawn by Teng Vue—I’m amazed at how many of these kids can draw!

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 10

Here we are working on the second part of the film. Teng Vue to the left directing. One of our actresses Kham La in the center. Ms. Bie my camera operator in the green hat, and one of our actors, Lee Xai (hidden behind Ms. Bie).

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 11

The crew with their permission slips from school so they could attend the film festival. Paula, one of Lone Buffalo’s English teachers is sitting in the back left. Translators Phillip (peace sign over my left shoulder) and Steve (in brown jacket in front of TV screen).

Lone Buffalo Vientianale 12

Great job, crew. Great job!

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