$1000 Donation! Thanks Graham!

That was… well, I had to read the StartSomeGood donor email twice! Thank you Graham from Australia for the $1000 donation! You have pushed us up right near the tipping point (the all or nothing point) of the campaign! At this writing, we only have $180 to go to achieve our first goal!
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If you too would like to help our community project on the way to its goal, please donate here:


If you would like to see the photos offered to donors, keep up with the blog, or find out more info, please dig around here at your leisure:


Here is an example of a donor reward photo and a tablet sized shoulder bag made by a UXO survivor:

Donor Photo Plain Of Jars: Tribute To FB

Plain Of Jars: Tribute To FB


Donor Photo UXO Survivor Handmade Shoulder Bag

Handmade UXO Survivor Shoulder Bag

Scroll down here to see the other rewards:


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