New Project: All Horses Are The Same Color

White Horse


I’ve been working on a small project with a horse. It’s a series of high-key images–typically not my forte. I’m usually one with much more shadow in my images than highlights. I’ve been using several Canon lenses on this project:

  • EF 50mm/1.2 Prime
  • EF 24mm T/S II L Tilt Shift Lens
  • EF 45mm T/S Tilt Shift Lens
  • EF 90mm T/S Tilt Shift Lens

One of the biggest difficulties is getting a shot in focus with a lens at f1.2, or with the optics tilted to get a narrow band of focus… horses don’t like to hold still! And, there is always the issue of being safe when being so close to such a large animal (he’s a Percheron mix, 16.3 hands tall and weighs about 1700 lbs.). Fortunately, this horse is quite mellow. He isn’t fazed in the least by a camera shutter being fired near his face, and is very curious. Still, it’s a bit of a challenge, but I really enjoy being around him.

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