$7500!! Thank You Rich Pinto Of PhotoVillage.com For Pushing Us Over The 75% Point!!!

Thank you Rich Pinto of¬†PhotoVillage.com!! Not only for being a¬†Sponsor¬†of the Plain of Jars Project, but for donating¬†twice¬†and pushing us over the critical 75% point‚ÄĒ$7500 and on the way to $10,000! Rich and Photovillage.com have donated the B/W inks that I’ll be using to print the¬†Plain of Jars Project¬†gallery images for donors. Thank you again Rich!

Please donate here to keep the momentum of the Plain of Jars Project going strong:



To check out the other donors, see the endorsers, or read the blog, visit the project page here:


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