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From the Archive: Mickey and the Misfits

Mickey and the Misfits

Mickey and the Misfits—Bangkok, 2013

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Botanica Obscura Plywerk On Sale!

Just in time for Christmas. I’ve shown my Botanica Obscura series at three different gallery shows and have sold a bunch, but I have some left over stock that I’d like to move. So, until December 15th, take a 20% discount for a price of $192 (plus shipping). See the gallery below to see which are available.

Photo Of Botanica Obscura Print On Plywerk Panel

Botanica Obscura Print On Plywerk Bamboo Panel

These are all face mounted on 3/4″ Plywerk Bamboo panels, have a hand finished edge, and are UV coated. They come with hanging wires and wall bumpers already attached—a really cool presentation.

And don’t fret—If I’m sold out, I can always make you another piece on a 16×16″ panel (I’ll have to order other panel sizes if a different size is desired).

Photo Botanica Obscura in client's home

Botanica Obscura Prints In Standard Frames—Also Available. This Is In A Client’s Home In Brooklyn.

Thanks for looking!

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Jon’s Work On Society6!

Photo of Botanica Obscura Duvet

No, I never thought I’d see my work on a duvet…

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Botanica Obscura Prints in Client’s Home

Photo Botanica Obscura in client's homeIt’s always satisfying when a client sends a photo of my work  Read More»

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Being and Time

All apologies to Heidegger’s Being and Time (Sein und Zeit)…

Photo of Being and Time

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Garden Of Good And Evil, #3

Photo Garden Of Good And Evil, #3

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Lao Woman

I took this photo of the feet of a Lao woman after she had taken a long journey. This when I was shooting with Médecins Sans Frontières in the Xamti District Hospital in the far Northeast of Laos. She was the wife of the village chief—and had walked three hours to get to the hospital.

Photo Of Lao Woman

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Out Through The Looking Hole

From my upcoming Plain of Jars project. Yes, there is a story that goes along with the making of this image that involved four guys with AK-47s… but more on that later!

Tentatively titled Out Through The Looking Hole. Any better suggestions for a name?


Photo Out Through The Looking Hole

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Bombs And Buddha

This is Wat (temple) Piawat in Muang Khoun, on the Plain of Jars, south of Phonsavan. It was bombed during the Secret War. The temple was almost entirely destroyed, but the Buddha statue remained mostly unharmed. Bombs and Buddha was photographed when I had finished working on a photo project with Médecins Sans Frontières, and we were headed on the ten hour drive back to Vientiane.

Photo Bombs And Buddha

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No Exit, #3 — Which Version Do You Prefer?

These aren’t final images, just a project that I’m working on. I prefer the small area of sharpness in version #2 (Canon 45mm Tilt Shift lens), but prefer the overall look of version #1 (A lens I constructed from various optical parts). I think it would also make a big difference if I went in and lightened up the model’s face in version #2.

Any comments?

Photo No Exit #3 Version 1

No Exit #3 Version 1


Photo No Exit #3 Version 2

No Exit #3 Version 2

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