Botanica Obscura Prints in Client’s Home

Photo Botanica Obscura in client's homeIt’s always satisfying when a client sends a photo of my work installed in their home—in this case in Brooklyn, NY. What’s especially nice about this particular client is that he and his wife have become collectors—they own several other pieces of my work. Having a person or couple become involved in your particular vision and put that vision up for all to see in their home is a very gratifying part of my photographic process. It’s not just a financial relationship, but a relationship based around vision and understanding. What I also find interesting is that this client (the husband) and I also share a strong interest in certain forms of music. We have a shared view of several arts, and that is a phenomenal thing to share with another person.

Here is a larger view of the three images hanging on the client’s wall, from my Botanica Obscura series:


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