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Through The Infirmary #10

From the hospital in Et, Laos.

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From the Archive: New Mexico Blue

Since I’ll be traveling in New Mexico the next two weeks, here is one photographed in the city of Truth or Consequences.

Photo New Mexico Blue

New Mexico Blue. Truth or Consequences, NM.

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From the Archive: Danger


Vientiane, Laos, 2014

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From the Archive: Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park, Bangkok, 2013

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I’m down in San Diego visiting some relatives and I’ve been doing weekly hikes with an old friend. We hike in a box canyon in what seems like the only place that hasn’t been turned into a housing tract or a strip mall…


Fuji X100T

When we got out to a certain spot, I recalled that I had explored here as a kid some time in the early 1980s and that I recognized this old car. Of course now there are a lot of houses on the hilltops that weren’t there then. As a matter of fact, this car was in a pretty remote area that you had to hike quite some ways to get to—well, that’s at least the way I remember it.

I guess this photo sums up the way I feel about the fact that San Diego is developing into a small Los Angeles with its perverse dedication to the automobile.

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