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Chaos Reigns and Laff

Testing out a new plug-in and decided I might as well post these bits of films that I really, umm, like

Photo Chaos Reigns

Chaos… reigns!

The first is the audio of a “laff” from Harmony Korine’s bizarro movie Trash Humpers. The second is a short clip of the Chaos Reigns scene from  Lars von Trier’s movie Antichrist. Enjoy!



 Chaos Reigns and Laff.

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Say A Prayer Music Video — Sarah Goodin

Photo of Say A Prayer Singer/Songwriter Sarah Goodin

Say A Prayer Singer/Songwriter Sarah Goodin

Back up in Bellingham this time to work on the Say A Prayer music video which will be part of the marketing and soundtrack for the Good Time Girls film. The song is by singer/songwriter Sarah Goodin, and plaintive it is. Even after hearing it played over and over for five hours while shooting, it still reverberated strongly with me…

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Apocalypse Now Redux, Redux. NSFS (Not Safe For Squeamish)

I’ve been in Xamtai, Laos, waiting on authorization from the local authorities to do a photo project with an international NGO working here. So, I’ve been keeping busy photographing the very cool bamboo water wheels that the Lao use to move water from river level to the farmland above.

apocalypse now redux

As I wandered down the river I noticed a bunch of Hmong busy on the other side of a large truck. As I came around the truck I was briefly taken back to the scene in Apocalypse Now where the camera is cutting back and forth between Willard killing Kurtz and the ritual slaughter of a water buffalo.

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Feeling Apocalypse Now

feeling apocalypse now

Ok, ok, it’s a stretch. But the elements are there. Click to enlarge.

Ever have one of those moments that strongly reminds you of a movie? I had one of those not long ago. I was in Vientiane, Laos, across the Mekong from Thailand.

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Blade Runner-ish — And The Oddest Use Of A Great Movie Quote Ever

blade runner

This Image In No Way Shows The Utter Chaos Of Bangkok’s Chinatown…

I went to Chinatown in Bangkok yesterday. I had been invited by a friend, Bob, that I had met in the Taipei airport and his friend, Maeve, a line producer in the film biz in Hollywood. What an intense experience. I’ve been to the Chinatowns in NYC, Los Angeles, and Seattle, but this was a whole new experience. The Chinatown in NYC is very intense… at least until you visit the one in Bangkok.

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