Good Time Girls Film, Take Two

I had another great weekend shooting on the Good Time Girls Film that I mentioned here. We started out doing some pick-up shots of some local color, here a banjo player:

Photo Good Time Girls

Two cameras running, one banjo strummin’. That was lame, wasn’t it?

Grabbing some locked down footage:

Photo Good Time Girls

Lock it down and shoot it.

Dan and I discussing a push dolly into the banjo players hands that I’m preparing to do. Notice the cool back light coming in through the translucent banjo head. I love little artifacts of light like that. We liked this location because of the dappled light:

Photo Good Time Girls

Me: look at that light! Dan: shoot it will you? Me: isn’t it cool? Dan: Shoot it before something bad happens to you!

Executing the push:

Photo Good Time Girls

Push! Harder!

We then did some shots of Queen-Princess-Good-Time-Girl Marissa, acting brilliantly. Ah no, she’s just driving:

Photo Good Time Girls

Dan: is this legal? Jon: are there any cops around?


Photo Good Time Girls

That yoga is paying off…


Good Time Girls

Looks stable, eh? Believe me, it was not. Where’s my gyro?!

Some of the best footage of the day was captured by Andy out the window of a moving vehicle:

Photo Good Time Girls

Wait, what did you say about this being legal?

Photos courtesy of Andrea Holodnick.

 Good Time Girls Film, Take Two.

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