Good Time Girls Film

Photo Good Time Girls Film

Ouch… oww. No, really. No bending over or sitting in THAT.

The Good Time Girls film is a project my good friend Dan Hammill is directing. It is a documentary about two women, Sara and Marissa, and their “adventures in history, business and life.” But what it is really about is the women’s hilarious, yet intelligent, take on the tawdry history of the seaport city of Bellingham, Washington. All the while dressed in period piece corsets, bustles, and bits of clothing I’m not even remotely familiar with. Sin and Gin, indeed!

I’m working as a guest filmmaker shooting b-roll for the Director of Photography Andy Simpson. Take a look at a couple behind the scenes shots and keep an eye out for the film next year… and if you are in Bellingham, take a tour with the Girls, it’s a blast.

Andy wiring up the microphone on the indomitable Magnolia “Maggie” Pearl (Marissa McGrath):

Photo Good Time Girls Film

Dan Hammill, on the right, being directorial.

Andy again, setting up audio on the tattooed lady, Annie Jo (Sara Holodnick):

Photo Good Time Girls Film

Tattoo you.

Me, grabbing some footage of the crowd’s reaction:

Photo Good Time Girls Film

Yep, that building was a brothel, now it’s a bank. Sort of the same business model, really.

The GTGs hard at work:

Photo Good Time Girls Film

Say sailor! What do you think of THESE bloomers!

All photos courtesy of Andrea Holodnick.

Good Time Girls Film.

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