From The Archive: Noir Film Shoot — A Little Silence

Black And White Photograph Of A Noir Film Ganster

~ Zoot Suit — Click To Enlarge ~

I shot the film set shots during the filming of the noir film A Little Silence by Nathan Milford. The film was shot in 35mm film, which is a rarity for low budget indie films. This particular shoot was an all night event during winter in NYC. It was chilly. Production was wonderful and provided heat pads for boots and gloves. We were in a very beautiful section of the West Village in Manhattan. But there was one thing that I immediately fell in love with:


This Is A Black And White Film Set Photo Of A Noir Film Goil

~ The Moll — Click To Enlarge ~

The wardrobe–Zoot Suits and all. The period clothing was wonderful. The gangster and the goil above looked pretty much as I’d imagined them in 1930’s New York. Even though the film was shot in color, I really liked the black and white renderings.

The shoot went well, with the typical bits of hurry up and wait and much discussion about creative detail. We did have one snafu: even though the production had a permit to be in this location, one of the locals didn’t take kindly to being woken up at 3am. Who could blame him? That neighborhood must have a film crew shooting in it at the least monthly, maybe more often. But, the director talked him down carefully, and we moved a bit further down the land and went on with the work.

The were shot with my Leica M6, and probably a mix of Tri-X and Neopan 1600.

Noir Film.

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