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From The Archive: The Beastie Boys Right Right, Now Now

YouTube video also here.

I worked on a small part of the production for the Beastie Boys music video Right Right, Now Now, and shot some black and white photos during the production. Take a look and share:

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Say A Prayer Music Video — Sarah Goodin

Photo of Say A Prayer Singer/Songwriter Sarah Goodin

Say A Prayer Singer/Songwriter Sarah Goodin

Back up in Bellingham this time to work on the Say A Prayer music video which will be part of the marketing and soundtrack for the Good Time Girls film. The song is by singer/songwriter Sarah Goodin, and plaintive it is. Even after hearing it played over and over for five hours while shooting, it still reverberated strongly with me…

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Good Time Girls Film, Take Two

I had another great weekend shooting on the Good Time Girls Film that I mentioned here. We started out doing some pick-up shots of some local color, here a banjo player:

Photo Good Time Girls

Two cameras running, one banjo strummin’. That was lame, wasn’t it?

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Good Time Girls Film

Photo Good Time Girls Film

Ouch… oww. No, really. No bending over or sitting in THAT.

The Good Time Girls film is a project my good friend Dan Hammill is directing. It is a documentary about two women, Sara and Marissa, and their “adventures in history, business and life.” But what it is really about is the women’s hilarious, yet intelligent, take on the tawdry history of the seaport city of Bellingham, Washington. All the while dressed in period piece corsets, bustles, and bits of clothing I’m not even remotely familiar with. Sin and Gin, indeed!

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From The Archive: Noir Film Shoot — A Little Silence

Black And White Photograph Of A Noir Film Ganster

~ Zoot Suit — Click To Enlarge ~

I shot the film set shots during the filming of the noir film A Little Silence by Nathan Milford. The film was shot in 35mm film, which is a rarity for low budget indie films. This particular shoot was an all night event during winter in NYC. It was chilly. Production was wonderful and provided heat pads for boots and gloves. We were in a very beautiful section of the West Village in Manhattan. But there was one thing that I immediately fell in love with:

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