Bangkok Time-Lapse

My first Bangkok time-lapse! Actually, I’ve done a few time-lapse shots before, but this is my first time-lapse on a motion control rig from The Chronos Project. More about that piece of kit in a following post. There wasn’t anything close in the foreground, so you don’t get any parallax effect, but if you watch the sides of the frame, you will see that the camera was indeed moving. I letter boxed the 3:2 image because I liked the way the format looked for this shot. Here it is, but please change the Quality Setting (click on the little gear on the bottom right of the YouTube viewer) to 480P or higher. YouTube’s compression just destroys motion at anything below that.



Read on for the technical details… and maybe a peek at my setup, for the truly geeky:


I’ve never used sRaw2, but in this case it was nice having a smaller file and still having the ability to work on a RAW file.

  • Camera= Canon 5D MkII
  • Number of Frames= 600
  • File Format= sRaw2
  • Iso= 3200
  • Exposure= 1/13 @ f/4
  • Lens: Canon TS-E 24mm F3.5 L II
  • Lens Shift= Up, Till It Looked Right

Develop Settings in Adobe Lightroom:

Seriously contrasty scene. I was able to bring back a huge amount of detail in the highlights. Oddly enough, the Clarity setting gave the time lapse something of an HDR look, which I generally find too comical. The scene was quite colorful as you can imagine. Sort of a Disney Blade Runner look.

  • Exposure= -0.15
  • Contrast= +14
  • Highlights= -100
  • Whites= -50
  • Clarity= +55
  • Sharpening Amount= +60

Export Settings:

  • Image Format= jpg
  • Image Quality= 80
  • Color Space= sRGB
  • Resize To Fit= Long Edge
  • Size= 1920 × 1080 Pixels, 3:2 Letter Boxed
  • Output Sharpening= Screen

Assembled in Final Cut Pro X and compressed with Compressor.

photo bangkok time-lapse

In Action Near The Bangkok Art And Culture Center

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Bangkok Time-Lapse.

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