Bangkok Color: Lumpini Park In A Subtle Pastel Palette


Bangkok Color

Bangkok Color: Lumpini Park In Pastel

I’m experimenting with long exposures and am particularly happy with the way the color palette is rendered in this image. The faint pastel colors remind me a bit of the hand-painted black and white images of yesteryear. I have a photograph of my mother when she was a young girl, probably 4 or 5 years old, that is hand painted. It’s gorgeous. The rendering of paint on a silver halide print doesn’t look like a darkroom or digital print; it has a certain depth that comes from having layers of material worked one into another. I think I could successfully print this image. I don’t think it would have the character of that photograph of my mother. Please click to enlarge.

For the geeks, here are the details:

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Bangkok Color.

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