Bangkok Panorama: Lumpini Park At Night

Bangkok Panorama:


Bangkok Panorama

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Lumpini Park in Bangkok. I workout and get great Thai massages there, test camera hardware and workflows, and endure the endless playing of PSY’s Gangnam Style by the guy in charge of the PA system (used for the huge aerobics classes held after work hours). I heard it eleven times yesterday. Catchy tune. The first time. Or second. Hmmm, never thought of earplugs as being a necessary photographic accessory until now…

There are large Monitor lizards in the park—I’ve seen one almost 6′ (1.8m) long the other day. Impressive reptile. And an assortment of turtles, catfish, and numerous birds I should be able to identify. And cats. Not feral, mind you. They all seem in very healthy shape, several women feed them, and they hang out like most cats. If you can get their trust by talking to them sweetly, most will roll over and demand petting.

So, here I offer my Bangkok Panorama: Lumpini Park At Night for your viewing pleasure. Please click image to enlarge.

For the gear aficionados, here are the details:

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Bangkok Panorama.

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