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A New Beginning for Cluster Bomb Survivor

Ta Chomaly

My good friend Mike Boddington MBE is working on a project in Laos that is near and dear to my heart. Please donate to help bring financial security to Ta Chomaly and his family!

From the GoFundMe campaign:

Ta’s Story: In 2001, Ta Chomaly was a farmer and fisherman in a rural village in Laos before an unexploded cluster bomb accident changed his life forever. Ta lost his lower left arm, his right hand, and the vision in one eye, while his other eye was badly damaged. He was 28 years old with a wife and seven children. The US illegally dropped more than 270 million cluster munitions (known in Laos as “bombies”) along with other ordnance on Laos during the Vietnam War. Up to 30 percent, or about 80 million of the cluster bombs did not detonate and remain buried in the land over vast parts of Laos. Ta is among the more than 20,000 innocent Lao civilians killed or maimed by unexploded ordnance, primarily cluster munitions, since the war ended almost 50 years ago.

Ta and his wife and one of his seven children

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A Perfect Soldier

A interesting documentary about a man working in Cambodia to rid the country of its 4 to 6 million land mines.

If you can’t see the video, click here.

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Mickey Mouse Culture In Bangkok

I’ve had a project about American consumer culture creeping around in my gray matter for some time. I don’t recall how it happened, I’m guessing I was doing something mindless… and I got the damn theme song from The Mickey Mouse Club stuck in my head. I immediately started bastardizing it (a strange habit I have with song lyrics) until it turned into M-I-SEE!, K-E-WHY?, M-O-USA! Neither had I seen an image that established the look of the project, nor had I expected to find it in Bangkok…

micky mouse culture

~ Micky Mouse Culture • Click To Enlarge ~

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Botanica Obscura Show Tonight!

Portrait Photograph of Jon Witsell Creator Of Botanica Obscura

Come check out some cool art, listen to some great music, and do some wine tasting! Art by your’s truly, music by Robert Sarazin Blake, and wine tasting out on the patio!

Here is the eMailer for the show in case you missed it:

Witsell_Gallery Show_Emailer

See you there!

Botanica Obscura.

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Letterpress As A Business at the San Fran Center for the Book

Here are the audio recordings from a great panel discussion at the San Francisco Center for the Book on running a letterpress business:


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Krappy Kamera 2010!

Just got a phone call today, one of my prints has been accepted into SoHo Photo’s Krappy Kamera gallery competition. Daile Kaplan of Swann Galleries is the juror. The image they picked is Botanica Obscura #1.

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