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Chaos Reigns and Laff

Testing out a new plug-in and decided I might as well post these bits of films that I really, umm, like

Photo Chaos Reigns

Chaos… reigns!

The first is the audio of a “laff” from Harmony Korine’s bizarro movie Trash Humpers. The second is a short clip of the Chaos Reigns scene from  Lars von Trier’s movie Antichrist. Enjoy!



 Chaos Reigns and Laff.

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Rode Microphones Rock — The Decentered Element

Rode Microphones

I have two of Rode’s Lavalier Microphones* and they preform quite well. So, I was a bit distressed the other day when I was setting up the lav for an outside shot and slipped on the Minifur-LAV* (the synthetic fur cuts wind and reduces its capture on the audio) and the bushing that adheres to the lav pushed into the furry. Not good. The lav sounded terrible and the furry was wiggling around a bit loose. Fortunately, I have a back up.  Read More»

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