How To: Working With Plywerk Bamboo Art Panels Part #3

In this installment of Working With Plywerk Bamboo Art Panels I center on a really touchy part of the process: the mounting of the print on the panel. Yes, this is the step where you have to be extra careful… in fact, if you aren’t focused, you may find yourself with a, uh, “poorly mated” print/panel that won’t be leaving your studio. Don’t ask me how I came about this knowledge… easy on the coffee, turn off the phone, and breath deeply.

Photo of Plywerk Bamboo

Free Botanica Obscura PDF, See The Bottom Of The Post!

Ok! Put down that coffee, take a couple of deep breaths, and onward to the mating process:



If you would like to purchase a Botanica Obscura print, take a look at the unmounted prints here and the Plywerk mounted prints here. Thank you for your support!

Here is the breakdown of the six videos:

Part 1: Inspecting, Measuring, and Handling
Part 2: Punching, Trimming, and Laying Out Print
Part 3: Mounting Print To Panel
Part 4: Trimming and Edge Finishing
Part 5: Drying and Hanging Options
Part 6: Laying Out and Mounting Hardware

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Free! Here is a link to a .pdf folio of the Botanica Obscura images. Download here.

How To: Working With Plywerk Bamboo Art Panels Part #3.

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