How To: Working With Plywerk Bamboo Art Panels Part #4

In the fourth part of¬†Working With Plywerk Bamboo Art Panels¬†I get show you how to trim and finish the edges of the print to be flush with edge of the panel. The edge finishing step is also a fall back if you should somehow slightly damage the cut edge of the print; it is an aesthetic choice…¬†and a way to correct small mistakes. Bonus!

Photo Of Plywerk Bamboo

Click To Enlarge: Botanica Obscura Print On Plywerk Panel In A Client’s House

This is a very delicate step, so slow and steady is the mantra. Check it out:



If you would like to purchase a Botanica Obscura print, take a look at the unmounted prints here and the Plywerk mounted prints here. Thank you for your support!

Here is the breakdown of the six videos:

Part 1: Inspecting, Measuring, and Handling
Part 2: Punching, Trimming, and Laying Out Print
Part 3: Mounting Print To Panel
Part 4: Trimming and Edge Finishing
Part 5: Drying and Hanging Options
Part 6: Laying Out and Mounting Hardware

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How To: Working With Plywerk Bamboo Art Panels Part #4.

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