Final Cut Pro X Ingest Bug — And A Solution

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When trying to ingest video clips from the SD card I use in my Canon XA-10, I ran across an irritating Final Cut Pro X ingest bug. Here is what happens:

When I attempt to ingest clips from the SD card File > Import > Files would be the normal command. However, this just leads you to a grayed out directory on the SD card. So, even though I’m not importing from a camera, I selectFile > Import From Camera. No problem, the clips show up in the Camera Import window. However, if you create a new event and try to ingest, this is the error you get:


ErrorMessage Final Cut Pro X Ingest Bug — And A Solution


No storage location set

Cannot start ingest because there is no storage location set. Please set one under Storage in Preferences and try again.

The problem with this is that there isn’t a “Storage” preference in FCPX. You would think it would be under the Import preference panel, but it isn’t:


Final Cut Pro X Import Dialog Box

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And it isn’t under the Editing or Playback preference panels either.

The solution? Don’t try to ingest into a new event. Create a new event first (or ingest to an existing one) and then ingest into it. Voila, clips ingested.

Any other bugs in FCPX that you know of that need fixing?

Final Cut Pro X Ingest Bug.

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