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Susan Kae Grant: Night Journey

I’ve been following Susan Kae Grant’s work for several years and am still in awe of it. For some reason, I just assumed that the tableaux that she creates were paper cut-outs meticulously staged and then photographed. Turns out I couldn’t be more wrong about her process—these are life size tableaux that are meticulously staged and photographed. Take a look at this video and her process:


Direct link to the Night Journey video here.

What is even more interesting is that she has spent many nights in a sleep center and had the staff wake her from REM sleep, then she records her dreams. This is what provides the material for her work. I have some issues with insomnia and undertook a sleep study many years ago. For me, being repeatedly woken up during REM sleep was an extremely agitating experience, making me all that more impressed at Kae Grant’s dedication to her art.

Photo Susan Kae Grant "She's Grasping Her Behavior"

She’s Grasping Her Behavior, #006

Please take some time and take a look at her gallery of images here. I just can’t emphasize enough how gorgeous I find these images: The swirling backgrounds, the pools of light, and the jet-black subjects—it is a form of photography that that has human depth—it combines the psyche with the beautiful. I find the term ethereal is often excessively used, so I decided to dig into the dictionary and to really understand the definition of the word. This is one definition I found:

Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

I’m not sure I could find a better description.

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ARS Photographica: Excellent Black And White Listed By Photographer

© Herb Ritts - Cindy Crawford, Costa Careyes, Mexico (1998) ARS Photographica

© Herb Ritts – Cindy Crawford, Costa Careyes, Mexico (1998)

The ARS Photographica blog has been posting some of the best black and white photography for some time now. And although it looks like future posts won’t be bilingual (Spanish and English), but only Spanish, I don’t think that’s much of a problem as the images are what make the ARS Photographica a great resource for a variety of great B/W photography.

Some of my all time favorites are here such as Sebastião Salgado and Nick Brandt.

For a list of the photographers on the blog, click here.

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In Dark Light : A Journey Within — Project by Clay Lipsky

Sometimes I come across a project that powerfully affects me. In Dark Light: A Journey Within is one.

Photo of website for In Dark Light


Not only are the photographs stunning (I always love photography that makes me say “I wish I had done that.”) but the theme behind them is a powerful expression of the abyss of depression. That abyss I am also personally familiar with. From the photographer:

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