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Leaving Laos!

What was supposed to be a trip of a few weeks turned into an adventure of almost three months. I was “embedded” with an international NGO medical crew (more on that in later posts) photographing their activities. Now I’m leaving Laos.Ā Click any image for a larger version.

leaving laos

Fisherman on the Mekong, my last night in Laos.

Laos is amazingā€”I think I’m in love. This is one of those posts that could go on and on, and I was going to try to keep it brief and to only 20Ā 28 or so images. However, if you are looking for brevity, this ain’t the post… I go could on for hours. I will write some more posts on certain aspects I want to delve into in greater detail in later posts, but let’s get on with it…

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Apocalypse Now Redux, Redux. NSFS (Not Safe For Squeamish)

I’ve been in Xamtai, Laos, waiting onĀ authorization from the local authoritiesĀ to do a photo project with an international NGO working here. So, I’ve been keeping busy photographing the very cool bamboo water wheels that the Lao use to move water from river level to the farmland above.

apocalypse now redux

As I wandered down the river I noticed a bunch of Hmong busy on the other side of a large truck. As I came around the truck I was briefly taken back to the scene in Apocalypse NowĀ where the camera is cutting back and forth between Willard killing Kurtz and the ritual slaughter of a water buffalo.

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