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Bangkok Personalities — Ampoin

He’s a little gaunt, maybe even severe. And he salutes me—and I don’t get saluted often. Hardly ever. I guess that’s not surprising. So on my first jet-lagged day in Bangkok I was a bit caught off guard to find myself saluted by a very serious man dressed suspiciously like a police officer.

bankok personalities ampoin

Bankok Personalities — Ampoin

What was it? Maybe my shaved head, suggesting military? Maybe It’s the two-toned, collared shirt that I’m wearing. If you are somewhat color blind and squint at it a bit, you might think it was one of the military shirts worn by the guards at the US Embassy, which is just down the road from my hotel. Head, shirt, both, neither. I couldn’t tell.

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Bangkok Color: Lumpini Park In A Subtle Pastel Palette


Bangkok Color

Bangkok Color: Lumpini Park In Pastel

I’m experimenting with long exposures and am particularly happy with the way the color palette is rendered in this image. The faint pastel colors remind me a bit of the hand-painted black and white images of yesteryear. I have a photograph of my mother when she was a young girl, probably 4 or 5 years old, that is hand painted. It’s gorgeous. The rendering of paint on a silver halide print doesn’t look like a darkroom or digital print; it has a certain depth that comes from having layers of material worked one into another. I think I could successfully print this image. I don’t think it would have the character of that photograph of my mother. Please click to enlarge.

For the geeks, here are the details:

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Bangkok Color.

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Bangkok Panorama: Lumpini Park At Night

Bangkok Panorama:


Bangkok Panorama

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Lumpini Park in Bangkok. I workout and get great Thai massages there, test camera hardware and workflows, and endure the endless playing of PSY’s Gangnam Style by the guy in charge of the PA system (used for the huge aerobics classes held after work hours). I heard it eleven times yesterday. Catchy tune. The first time. Or second. Hmmm, never thought of earplugs as being a necessary photographic accessory until now…

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Bangkok Personalities — Tom

Goddamnmotherfuckingsonofabitch—fuck-me-that-hurts. That’s my response. Under duress. I’m responding to Tom, whom I’ve met on the long end of three minutes earlier. I’m in Lumpini Park, Bangkok, getting in a morning bodyweight workout. He’s there… well, to kick my ass, Thai massage style.

Bangkok Personalities Tom

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New Project: Bangkok Personalities

bangkok personalities intro


I’ve been meeting some interesting people here in Thailand and have decided to do a Bangkok Personalities project: describe people that I happen to meet that strike me as interesting, and shoot a portrait or two of them. The first will be posted soon, take a look!

The image above? Not a person, but something I ate that was really good: Daikon radish pickled with soy sauce (among other things). Yum!

 Bangkok Personalities.

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