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New Video: Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic Gear

I had written a post back on December 24th, 2012, titled Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic about my panoramic head assembled from Really Right Stuff and Nodal Ninja gear. The post has been one of the most visited on my entire blog, but I had gotten several good questions that I thought a video might explain better. 

So, here’s the video with the astoundingly creative name of Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic Gear:

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Mickey Mouse Culture In Bangkok

I’ve had a project about American consumer culture creeping around in my gray matter for some time. I don’t recall how it happened, I’m guessing I was doing something mindless… and I got the damn theme song from The Mickey Mouse Club stuck in my head. I immediately started bastardizing it (a strange habit I have with song lyrics) until it turned into M-I-SEE!, K-E-WHY?, M-O-USA! Neither had I seen an image that established the look of the project, nor had I expected to find it in Bangkok…

micky mouse culture

~ Micky Mouse Culture • Click To Enlarge ~

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No Absolute Truth In The Universe Gallery Opening

I went to the opening of the No Absolute Truth In The Universe gallery show at the Bankok Arts and Culture Center this last weekend. The art is a mixing of current culture and Dharma. Here are some of the pieces I liked. First, titled To Cross The Samsara 2 is by Punsiri Siriwetchapun. It is a 120cm x 240cm inkjet print on film, which is then backlit. (Click To Enlarge)

No Absolute Truth In The Universe art exhibition

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Bangkok Personalities: Angie In Black And White And Color

I’ve always been interested in the spectrum of sexual identities and in Thailand observations are more easily made than elsewhere. Ladyboys, or Kathoey are quite common and are referred to as the Third Sex. Somewhere betwixt and between a male and female, their appearance can be quite stunning. As far as I can tell, anything between growing long hair and wearing feminine clothing to full on sexual reassignment surgery counts. As if someone were counting. I’m not.

(Rollover the images to compare.)

So, being the naturally inquisitive person that I am, I went online and met Angie and asked if we could trade her time for my photographs for her portfolio. She models, and sadly also works as an escort. She doesn’t want to be an escort, but the modeling pays very little and being an escort a considerable sum more. Especially since she is a full post-op ladyboy. I take it that that is a little bit rarer in amongst the very large population of ladyboys in Thailand. So, an impromptu meeting was set up and we shot for an hour or so. I was quite taken aback by her appearance.  Read More»

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Blade Runner-ish — And The Oddest Use Of A Great Movie Quote Ever

blade runner

This Image In No Way Shows The Utter Chaos Of Bangkok’s Chinatown…

I went to Chinatown in Bangkok yesterday. I had been invited by a friend, Bob, that I had met in the Taipei airport and his friend, Maeve, a line producer in the film biz in Hollywood. What an intense experience. I’ve been to the Chinatowns in NYC, Los Angeles, and Seattle, but this was a whole new experience. The Chinatown in NYC is very intense… at least until you visit the one in Bangkok.

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