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No Words, #1 (New Project)

Well, a few words at first. Quite a few years ago, I helped start and participated in a no words forum where a photo would be posted and that image would convey or set a theme. Then others would post their photos interpreting that theme. No description, comments, or text allowed, only images. I really enjoyed the variety—images sometimes only tied to the theme by the most tenuous thread, other times with a resounding thematic link. It was always interesting to see what people considered the ‘theme’ and some of the interpretations would be quite intelligent.

So, I’ve decided to do this as an exercise. I’m doing it mainly as an exercise to shoot more, but also to post images that don’t fit in a gallery or collection. In other words, the random things I find that I like to photograph. Please hit Recommend or Share below if you like the image. Enjoy!


Photo No Words, #1

No Words, #1 (New Project).

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From The Archive: The Aerial Dancer

Black And White Photo Of The Aerial Dancer

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The photo of The Aerial Dancer was taken at small independent dance production. I don’t recall any of the details such as the name of the show or when it was, but it was in a tiny space converted into a theatre in one of the endless hidden buildings in Brooklyn. Read More»

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From The Archive: Fear, NYC

Fear, NYC

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In the aftermath of 9/11, I became obsessed with photographing people in gasmasks.

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From The Archive: West Seattle Totem Pole

West Seattle Totem Pole in Black and White Infrared

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I shot this totem pole in the late ’90s in Viewpoint Park in West Seattle. It was shot on my all-time favorite (but a pain to work with!) film: Kodak HIE Infrared. Looks like with a Canon 24mm lens on my AE-1P. Interesting story: one day a crew with a crane pulled up and removed the pole. Stolen. Just like that. It’s back in place, and it has been restored. Quite a beautiful piece of work.

 Totem pole.

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From The Archive: Triptych From The Production Of “The Arm”


Triptych Photograph of Man Swinging Ax in Horror Movie Named "The Arm"

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I shot some set photos for a small horror movie production called “The Arm.” I’m not sure if it ever made it to the screen…  Read More»

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Eastern Oregon Incinerator

I was driving north of Burns, Oregon, and I saw this structure and had to photograph it. I ran into a couple of the locals and at one time a wood mill stood on this site, and this was an incinerator for the burning of scrap wood. I’ve seen these in other parts of the Pacific Northwest, but never this complete.

This shot is three portrait frames from the 5D MkII stitched in Auto Pano Pro for a square image. Can you tell I miss my Hasselblad? I was surprised at the quality–these are the monochrome .jpgs right out of the camera (I’m still working on the raw version). I’m guessing much of it had to do with the Canon TS-E 45mm Tilt Shift lens–it does do a stunning job.


Oregon Wood Mill Incinerator


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Don’t Tell U-Haul

On the road again. Moving up to Guemes Island (in the San Juan islands off the coast of Washington State). Google maps literally sent me the shortest distance–about 80% of the  trip was on two lane backroads through Nevada, Eastern Oregon, and part of Washington. Some very interesting country: from desert to high desert, to forest and to heavy forest. I stopped  a number of times on the way and found some good images which I’ll be posting shortly. Here were a couple of places I took the rental truck… don’t tell them. 🙂


UHaul Truck in Nevada Desert #1

UHaul Truck in Nevada Desert #2


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The Questions Run Too Deep

Such A Simple Man Image

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