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Of What Remains—Client Installation

Of What Remains.

You can’t really beat an email from a client like this, from back in January:

Okay, are you ready for this…………………it is finally done!  The picture is absolutely gorgeous and my framer did a wonderful job framing it.  Merry Christmas to me!!!!!



Photo Of What Remains

Of What Remains—Installed

This is a very large print—it measures 48″ long by 16″ high, a 3:1 ratio. By the time you add the mat and frame, the final work is nearly 6′ wide…

Here is the image, click for a larger version:

Photo Of What Remains

Of What Remains


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New Gallery: Nude Panoramas

These nude panoramas are more of an experiment than a project, per se. I’m not sure I’m going to continue with the idea, but I may in one form or another. These panoramas are stitched from several portrait oriented images, so they can be printed quite large—up to 20″ x 60.” You definitely have a whole different experience when you see one of these printed large. They were shot with my Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens, and I love how it reproduced the model (thanks Kelly!) and the string of lights in the background. Check out the gallery here.

Photo Of Nude Panoramas

New Gallery: Nude Panoramas. 

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New Video: Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic Gear

I had written a post back on December 24th, 2012, titled Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic about my panoramic head assembled from Really Right Stuff and Nodal Ninja gear. The post has been one of the most visited on my entire blog, but I had gotten several good questions that I thought a video might explain better. 

So, here’s the video with the astoundingly creative name of Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic Gear:

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Thinking About Panorama Formats

I recently was contacted about selling one of my prints, a black and white panorama of an old wood mill incinerator in Eastern Oregon (Download a free .pdf of this panorama here). That got me thinking about panoramic image print formats:

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Bangkok Panorama: Lumpini Park At Night

Bangkok Panorama:


Bangkok Panorama

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Lumpini Park in Bangkok. I workout and get great Thai massages there, test camera hardware and workflows, and endure the endless playing of PSY’s Gangnam Style by the guy in charge of the PA system (used for the huge aerobics classes held after work hours). I heard it eleven times yesterday. Catchy tune. The first time. Or second. Hmmm, never thought of earplugs as being a necessary photographic accessory until now…

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Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic Gear

Panoramic Gear:

I’ve been a huge fan of Really Right Stuff’s (RRS) gear for many years and have had their quick-release Arca-Swiss style camera plates and clamps on nearly ever camera I’ve owned. The one thing that was always missing from their catalog, however, was an detent-indexed rotator, used for, among other things, shooting stitched single-row panoramic images. This is my solution to that missing piece.

Note: Click on any of the images for a larger version; a manufacturers’ link to each item described is provided at the bottom of the post. Detailed technical specifications can be found at each of these links.

Panoramic Gear

The Full Really Right Stuff/Nodal Ninja Rig.

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From The Archive: Travel Panoramas

Portland Travel Panorama Of MULTNOMAH FALLS

~ Click To Enlarge ~

I’ve always been a huge fan of Panoramic photography, and I really like to engage in it when I travel. I captured the image above at Multnomah Falls just outside of Portland, Oregon. No, no Photoshop, it actually was that green there.


Berlin, Travel Panoramas

~ Click To Enlarge ~

This panorama was taken out of the window of a friend’s apartment in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. That gorgeous red building in the foreground was a brewery at one time and is now a cultural center. I only spent three days in Berlin after a week working in Oberkochen and Munich, and would really like to go back.

Both images were shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 and stitched together with Kolor’s AutoPano Pro—both were shot handheld, no tripod.

 Travel Panoramas.

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Of What Remains — A Black and White Panorama

Panorama of Oregon Incinerator

A panorama from my recent move. This is in Southeastern Oregon. The blog format doesn’t really do it justice. So, if you would like a larger version, select the link below and download the .pdf file. However, please only use Adobe Reader to view it. That seems to be the only app that doesn’t mess with the typography…

Of What Remains



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Berlin Panorama

Was in Germany for nine days, mostly in Munich for work, but hung out in Berlin for three days–what a great city! I’m ready to go back for a longer stay. Here is a panoramic I shot with my LX3 handheld, then stitched in Auto Pano Pro. This is looking east in Prenzlauer Berg.

Travel Panorama Of Berlin

~ Click To Enlarge ~

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