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Botanica Obscura Folio Sale—Happy New Years!

Lao New Years, that is. The Lao celebrate their New Years or Pbeemai (pronounced pi-mai bi-mai) on April 13th, 14th, and 15th. The 13th is the last day of the old year; the 15th the first day of the new. What is interesting to me is the 14th: Sangkhan Nao or day of no day. April 14th isn’t part of either year, it’s a day of rest and fun. One of the activities is the throwing of water on friends and passersby—something of a purification ritual.

Since this is going to be a bit of a party, I thought I’d put my Botanica Obscura folio on sale for 50% off. That’s right, for the rest of April, the print folios will be priced at $45 instead of their normal $90.

botanica obscura folio sale


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Folio Sale: Last Chance

Folio Sale:

The introductory sale on my Botanica Obscura folio is almost over—January 1st, the price goes up to $90. Take a look at the folio in detail in my store here or in my Facebook store here. This has been one of my favorite projects so far—I love how the photographs turned out, and the making of the folio itself was a blast. Take a look! And, if you don’t want to purchase the print version, there is a free downloadable .pdf available also—please only use Adobe Reader to view the pdf. Here is the file in my store and here in my Facebook store. Thanks for looking!

botanica obscura folio sale

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Folio Sale And Vimeo Videos (Finally!)

botanica obscura folio sale

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Time for a folio sale. I’m sitting here in the SeaTac airport waiting for my 1AM flight to Bangkok. So, I thought I’d send out a reminder of the sale on my Botanica Obscura folio. $15 off until January, 1st.

After a four day delay thanks to one of Vimeo’s processing bugs, my product description videos are up. Take a look at the folio video here. And take a look at the print video here.

Back to hanging out in the airport…

folio sale seatac

Pretty Exciting At 11:45 PM

Folio Sale.

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Anchor Arts Gallery Auction — Success!

anchor arts gallery auction

Anchor Arts Gallery Auction

As I mentioned in my last post, I had donated a Plywerk-Mounted print from the Botanica Obscura project to the Anchor Arts Gallery Auction. And it sold! Glad to help out the small galleries. I have a couple shows planned, so maybe I’ll apply there. The event was well attended and I met a  few cool people… especially Mic the bartender. Good guy (and husband of the Gallery President).


Anchor Arts Gallery Auction

Anchor Arts Gallery Auction


History Of Anchor Arts:

Anchor was originally founded December 5th, 2008 by artist Jean Behnke, the project grew and developed a series of connections within the community. With the desire to return to her own studio, Anchor was passed on to a group of supportive, open-minded artists in Fall 2011. In association with Shunpike, Anchor Art Space is able to seek funding as a non-profit organization.

Anchor Art Space pursues quality exhibitions, events and community-based educational projects to a growing local and regional audience.


Anchor Arts Gallery Auction.

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Atlex.com Rocks!

Atlex.com Rocks!

Atlex.com Rocks!

I generally don’t review suppliers unless I really feel it worthwhile, but in this case it is really warranted. I’ve been buying inkjet ink from atlex.com for at least a decade simply since they always had the best price. But recently I’ve purchased two printers from them, and had some serious issues with one of them. Of course this was a few weeks before I was due to hang two shows of my Botanica Obscura prints—can you say stressed? At that point I decided I’d really had enough with the inkjet manufacturer that I’d been using since 2001, and went with a new manufacturer—and the biggest printer I’ve ever owned, the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300. I’ve never had a better printer. I won’t gush over it now (although I may in a future post).

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