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Bangkok Time-Lapse

My first Bangkok time-lapse! Actually, I’ve done a few time-lapse shots before, but this is my first time-lapse on a motion control rig from The Chronos Project. More about that piece of kit in a following post. There wasn’t anything close in the foreground, so you don’t get any parallax effect, but if you watch the sides of the frame, you will see that the camera was indeed moving. I letter boxed the 3:2 image because I liked the way the format looked for this shot. Here it is, but please change the Quality Setting (click on the little gear on the bottom right of the YouTube viewer) to 480P or higher. YouTube’s compression just destroys motion at anything below that.



Read on for the technical details… and maybe a peek at my setup, for the truly geeky:

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Magic Lantern Timelapse: Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Magic Lantern Timelapse

Video Frame Grab, Magic Lantern Timelapse, Alex4D 2.40:1 Mask

I’ve always been tempted to seriously delve into timelapse photography (Here is a wonderful example: Timelapse: Bevan Percival’s Stunning Lenticular Cloud Capture), but it has always been put on the back burner for one reason or another. Well, that’s changing. Part of that came about because I installed one of the greatest hacks and best pieces of software (firmware?) engineering into my Canon 5D MkII: the Magic Lantern Canon EOS Camera Tool. The people that did that hack (and I use that term with the most respect) made the camera, in my mind, about 100x more useful. Just a few of the tweaks I use:

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New Video: Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic Gear

I had written a post back on December 24th, 2012, titled Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic about my panoramic head assembled from Really Right Stuff and Nodal Ninja gear. The post has been one of the most visited on my entire blog, but I had gotten several good questions that I thought a video might explain better. 

So, here’s the video with the astoundingly creative name of Mating Really Right Stuff And Nodal Ninja Panoramic Gear:

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Mickey Mouse Culture In Bangkok

I’ve had a project about American consumer culture creeping around in my gray matter for some time. I don’t recall how it happened, I’m guessing I was doing something mindless… and I got the damn theme song from The Mickey Mouse Club stuck in my head. I immediately started bastardizing it (a strange habit I have with song lyrics) until it turned into M-I-SEE!, K-E-WHY?, M-O-USA! Neither had I seen an image that established the look of the project, nor had I expected to find it in Bangkok…

micky mouse culture

~ Micky Mouse Culture • Click To Enlarge ~

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No Absolute Truth In The Universe Gallery Opening

I went to the opening of the No Absolute Truth In The Universe gallery show at the Bankok Arts and Culture Center this last weekend. The art is a mixing of current culture and Dharma. Here are some of the pieces I liked. First, titled To Cross The Samsara 2 is by Punsiri Siriwetchapun. It is a 120cm x 240cm inkjet print on film, which is then backlit. (Click To Enlarge)

No Absolute Truth In The Universe art exhibition

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