A Successful Gallery Opening!

Photograph Of Jon Witsell's Botanica Obscura Photographs on Wall at Gallery Opening

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Wow, what a whirlwind! Over 100 people showed up for the gallery opening—it was very well received. The mix ran from local island dwellers to two of my friends that made the drive all the way from Portland, Oregon (Thanks for coming Kartik and Rupa!). A number of people had interesting questions about my photography and two locals asked if I could help them out with their work. Three hours went by in a flash. At the end of the night I sat at the bar with the Anderson’s Store staff as they had their after-closing drink. It was nice to chat with the folks that helped the event go so smoothly.

Another bonus was that I sold eight prints! I sold four of the large 16×16″ Plywerk Bamboo mounted prints you see on the wall in the above picture, and I also sold four smaller 8×10″ prints that were for sale off to the side.

I wish I had more pictures to share of the event, but even though I brought my camera, I didn’t have time to take any pictures until the event was over! A friend of mine did shoot some video for me, so I’ll post a little clip about the show.

Thanks to everyone that came to the opening!

Gallery opening.

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