Making Time for Art With a Full Time Job

I was just reading Daniel Sroka’s post an hour of art a day and feeling the same thing–my situation isn’t quite the same as I’m working a full time job, but I still feel like that I just don’t have enough hours in the day. My schedule is like this:

5:30am: Get up, eat, get ready for work
6:50am: Ride the subway
7:30am: Go to the gym (gotta exercise!)
9:00am: Work
5:30pm: Head home
7:00pm: Eat, read mail, feed the cat, etc.
10:30pm Crash

There is usually one or two hours before I hit the sack, but on most days I’m too wiped out to really focus on creative endeavors. A little frustrating.

How do you manage the time to do creative work with a full time job?

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