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From The Archive: Travel Panoramas

Portland Travel Panorama Of MULTNOMAH FALLS

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Panoramic photography, and I really like to engage in it when I travel. I captured the image above at Multnomah Falls just outside of Portland, Oregon. No, no Photoshop, it actually was that green there.


Berlin, Travel Panoramas

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This panorama was taken out of the window of a friend’s apartment in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. That gorgeous red building in the foreground was a brewery at one time and is now a cultural center. I only spent three days in Berlin after a week working in Oberkochen and Munich, and would really like to go back.

Both images were shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 and stitched together with Kolor’s AutoPano Pro—both were shot handheld, no tripod.

 Travel Panoramas.

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From The Archive: Sadness On Her Face

Jon Witsell's Photograph Of A Woman Titled Sadness On Her Face

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Sadness On Her Face is a photo of a woman I once knew. She was a neighbor, and we would go out drinking often. But underlying her normal outgoing and strong personality, ever so rarely I would sense a hint of sadness, a wearing-down. It was never something you could grasp looking head-on. But if you paid close attention, you might catch it as her words in a sentence trailed off, or in a slightly too-long-held look as she glanced out a window. She was a stunningly beautiful African-American woman, and I photographed her a lot. I had quite a crush on her–alas, it wasn’t reciprocated. As I look back at those images, they are mostly just snapshots of her across a bar table or in a restaurant. But this photo is different.

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From The Archive: Noir Film Shoot — A Little Silence

Black And White Photograph Of A Noir Film Ganster

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I shot the film set shots during the filming of the noir film A Little Silence by Nathan Milford. The film was shot in 35mm film, which is a rarity for low budget indie films. This particular shoot was an all night event during winter in NYC. It was chilly. Production was wonderful and provided heat pads for boots and gloves. We were in a very beautiful section of the West Village in Manhattan. But there was one thing that I immediately fell in love with:

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From The Archive: The Aerial Dancer

Black And White Photo Of The Aerial Dancer

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The photo of The Aerial Dancer was taken at small independent dance production. I don’t recall any of the details such as the name of the show or when it was, but it was in a tiny space converted into a theatre in one of the endless hidden buildings in Brooklyn. Read More»

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From The Archive: Fear, NYC

Fear, NYC

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In the aftermath of 9/11, I became obsessed with photographing people in gasmasks.

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From The Archive: West Seattle Totem Pole

West Seattle Totem Pole in Black and White Infrared

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I shot this totem pole in the late ’90s in Viewpoint Park in West Seattle. It was shot on my all-time favorite (but a pain to work with!) film: Kodak HIE Infrared. Looks like with a Canon 24mm lens on my AE-1P. Interesting story: one day a crew with a crane pulled up and removed the pole. Stolen. Just like that. It’s back in place, and it has been restored. Quite a beautiful piece of work.

 Totem pole.

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From The Archive: Triptych From The Production Of “The Arm”


Triptych Photograph of Man Swinging Ax in Horror Movie Named "The Arm"

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I shot some set photos for a small horror movie production called “The Arm.” I’m not sure if it ever made it to the screen…  Read More»

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