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My Print’s Ready!!

I just finished framing the print for the KK2010 show–did I mention how much fun framing a print is when the humidity is really low? Dust sticks to everything… Another image from this series was selected for the Plastic Fantastic show in Austin Texas on July 25, 2009. I’ll post more about that show later.

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Krappy Kamera 2010 Invite

Here’s the invite to Krappy Kamera 2010 at SoHo Photo. Come out, brave the cold, and see some great images. The image on the invite is by Dan Burkholder, who published “Making Digital Negative for Contact Printing” way back when… my copy is falling apart.

Oh yeah, he took that image with his iPhone…

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Krappy Kamera 2010 Images Are Online

The SoHo Photo Gallery has posted the winning images from this year’s KK 2010. Since they are alphabetic, mine is last… 🙂

Check it:


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