Free Panorama: Lumpini Park PDF And High Resolution Print File

Free Panorama: PDF And Tif Of Lumpini Park At Night

Free Panorama: PDF And TIF Of Lumpini Park At Night

Today felt like a day to give away a free panorama. I got much deeper into the color correction controls in AutoPano Giga, the software I use to process panoramas. I made a great deal of improvement on the image Bangkok Panorama: Lumpini Park At Night I first posted here. So, I decided to put up a free pdf and print file on my store here: Lumpini Park At Night The pdf is something cool you can send around to people in email (about 1.8mb, open the file in Adobe Reader if you want the links to work) and the print file (about 30mb, tif format) is formatted so you can make an 18" long print at 360dpi. That will fit a print on the 13" wide printers that print on 13"x19" (Super B/Super A3) papers. Or you can always down rez it to make a smaller print, but it looks better big. Put a piece of SE Asia on your monitor or wall! Thanks for looking!

Free Panorama.

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  1. Donna Davis January 6, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    What a difference the editing made! That is a wonderful image. It is obviously taken from a vantage point that is contiguous with a vibrant city, but the apparency is that the site is exceedingly peaceful.

    • Jon Witsell
      Jon Witsell January 6, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

      Thank you Donna. Yes, I really like that spot. And at that time it isn’t particularly crowded either. Thanks for looking!

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