Entering Laos!

On the move again, entering Laos. Was only, err, somewhat eventful. I'm sitting in the Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, about to board, and one of my front crowns (all four of my upper front teeth are crowns; my original teeth were all damaged when I was a kid) comes off with a bite of a granola bar. This thing has been reattached to the post several times and just doesn't want to stay fixed. Great. I quickly clean it off in the bathroom (taking care to not drop it down the drain) and wedge it back into place. No chewing until I can get affixed back in place. Sorry. No pix of that. Would you want to really see that? But then on the plane things get a bit odd. We are getting close to landing at the Udon Thani airport and get the 'sit down and buckle up' message. As I'm in row 7, I visit the restroom just to the rear of the cockpit. But when I'm done with my business and come out, I'm not greeted by a plane full of sitting down and buckling up passengers—I'm greeted by the back side of an media circus. Three people with pro still cameras, a guy with a video camera on a Steadi Cam-type rig, and three or four assistants. I couldn't get to my seat. I couldn't actually go anywhere but stand by the door of the restroom in a bemused state. Turns out that the guy in charge of the whole operation is standing right next to me and spoke English. He told me that this woman was proposing marriage to her sweetheart on the plane in her wedding dress. Now that's a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. She came on board with her dress packed in a bag and went to the bathroom, quickly changed, and as the media crew lept up, pounced on her fiancee and proposed... Mr. In-Charge takes the PA microphone and announces the whole thing and the entire plane starts to cheer. Much more interesting than the airline-provided in-air entertainment. entering laos   What the hell. So when I could get back to my seat and grab my camera from my backpack I got a snap of the mid-plane parade (Aww, they are making a heart!) and of the woman in her dress and the still-reeling man. Heh, poor guy was stunned. Nothing like being put on the spot, eh? entering laos   Next was a mostly uneventful ride from the Udon Thani Airport to Thai immigration on the Thai side of the Mekong. I did have an interesting conversation about North America with a Canadian women named Lynn. Is it just my prejudice, or are all Canadians nice? Then onto a shabby bus to cross the First Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge which is 1,170m (0.73 mi) long. The trip cost 15฿, or about 50¢ 'merican. entering laos   Crossing the Mekong: Thai flag. entering laos   Crossing the Mekong: long and flat. entering laos   Crossing the Mekong: Laotian flag. entering laos   Can you tell that Laos was a French colony? entering laos   More later... Thanks for looking.

Entering Laos!

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  1. Jon Witsell
    Karen Witsell February 10, 2013 at 10:48 am #

    fun read!

  2. Lisa Foster Gerwig April 14, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    Love your blog and pics to go with it!! I have never been to Laos or any part of Asia (YET) but we have neighbors who are Laotian and do some ranching of mostly birds (turkeys, chickens etc) … but at one time they were ranching sheep! I look forward to seeing more pics of your trips!

    • Jon Witsell
      Jon Witsell April 15, 2013 at 3:07 am #

      Hey Lisa! Thanks for the comment. And I’m glad we’ve gotten back in touch!

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