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Beauty In Simple Things, #2

I love the way the back rim of this bowl starts to blend into the background. I’m not sure what this particular bowl is used for, but I’ve seen them all through the hospital. One, holding bloody surgical instruments after a surgery; another holding water used to wipe the face of a woman in labor; and another, in a remote health center, again holding surgical instruments—instruments doused with alcohol and set afire to sterilize them. Such a simple item, so many uses, polished by so many hands.

This is the second post in my series Beauty In Simple Things. Take a look at the first post in the series here.

Photo Beauty In Simple Things

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Through The Infirmary #17

Since the hospital had long since run out of high intensity lamps for the operating theater, this is what was used when operating on a patient… apparently it is quite dark inside a human! From the upcoming Through The Infirmary project.


Infirmary #17

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Through The Infirmary

This is from a new project tentatively titled Through The Infirmary about my experiences while working with an non-governmental organization in a Laotian hospital. And yes… it is a color photography project. My first…

Photo of Through The Infirmary

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Lao Woman

I took this photo of the feet of a Lao woman after she had taken a long journey. This when I was shooting with Médecins Sans Frontières in the Xamti District Hospital in the far Northeast of Laos. She was the wife of the village chief—and had walked three hours to get to the hospital.

Photo Of Lao Woman

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Bombs And Buddha

This is Wat (temple) Piawat in Muang Khoun, on the Plain of Jars, south of Phonsavan. It was bombed during the Secret War. The temple was almost entirely destroyed, but the Buddha statue remained mostly unharmed. Bombs and Buddha was photographed when I had finished working on a photo project with Médecins Sans Frontières, and we were headed on the ten hour drive back to Vientiane.

Photo Bombs And Buddha

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