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Collotype: A Story of Ink & Steel

This is a great little video on a beautiful antique photographic print process called the collotype. Originally created in 1856, sadly there are only two collotype printing companies in the world, both in Kyoto, Japan. Only one, Benrido can do color collotypes:


If you can’t see the video above, click here.

I find it very sad that in the not so distant future, the commercial usage of the process may disappear completely. I was alerted to this video by my good friend Derek who sent me the article A Look at Benrido, One of the Last Collotype Printers in the World at Petapixel, where you can find several other videos on the process.


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Online Store Product Videos


botanica obscura folio online store product videos

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Launching the store has been exciting (and a lot of work!). And I realized that there is nothing like some video to make clearer what exactly is offered in the store. So, here we go, online store product videos! First is a down and dirty video about the free PDF Folio and the Print Folio (the Print Folio has an introductory sale price until January 1st, 2013). You will probably want to click on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the YouTube window and select one of the HD versions:



Next is a the video showing the Plywerk-mounted images and explaining the unmounted versions. You can get any of the nine Botanica Obscura images mounted either way:



Thanks again for looking. Please share these links around, and if you recommend this on Facebook, I’ll buy you a beer the next time I see you! (I’ve only been taken up on this once so far… c’mon, free beer!!)

Online store product videos.

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Online Store Open!


botanica obscura print online store

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I’m happy to announce that my online store is open! Please take a look around. I have four items in different configurations available. These are all items related to the Botanica Obscura series of images.

The first is a free (freeeeeee!) sixteen page interactive PDF. Download it, download it now! Here’s the catch: you must use Adobe Reader for the interactivity to function. Sorry, technical limitation.

Here’s a nice little handy link to the PDF. And here is the first page:


botanica obscura pdf online store

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Next up is the Botanica Obscura Print Folio. This I’m super excited about—I had a lot of fun making these, and I’m quite proud of them. The folio is made up of the following:

  • Embossed Fine Art Paper Cover
  • 4 Page Signed And Numbered Text Signature
  • Image Index
  • 9 prints of the Botanica Obscura Series

And, until the 1st of January, 2013, the folio is on sale for $75—$15 off the regular price of $90! Sale! Give some art this holiday! Here is a link to the folio, with more images and a longer description. Oh, what the heck, here are a couple of images of said folio:


botanica obscura print folio online store

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botanica obscura print folio online store

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Next up… prints! I love prints. Something about holding a piece of art in your hands that just can’t be replicated in the online world. There is texture, there is heft, there is no need for batteries, cords, cables-bells-whistles, hurrah! Can you tell I like prints? I like to make them, I like to give them away, I like to sell them, and I like to pull them out and look at them. Ok, ok, enough.

I’m offering the Botanica Obscura prints in two signed and numbered versions:

  1. Mounted on Plywerk’s Sustainably Harvested Bamboo Panels
  2. Unmounted, so you can frame yourself for your home’s or office’s decor
Here’s an all swanky image with Michael Jackson cotton gloves. Yes, a pair of the gloves are included. Why? Well, when you unpack the print, you can remove it from the packing and hold it without getting fingerprints on it (even though all prints are coated with four coats of UV protectant spray that happens to help with fingerprints). And, you can always hang your new print and dance around to Beat It. Or not. Here’s a link to the Plywerk prints in the store. Here’s a link to the unmounted prints.


botanica obscura print online store

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And another dark and moody installation pic (sorry for the shadows, I was shooting in customer’s house, after all):


botanica obscura print online store

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I’m very happy to be able to offer this work for sale. The work has been in a well-received exhibit earlier this fall, video here, and is still hanging at the North Puget Cancer Center to help raise funds for a permanent art collection for the Center. Read more here and here (you can get prints for less if you purchase them through the hospital—but only until December 1st!). I’ll have a short video up soon showing me hanging art on the not-so-interesting walls of the hallway to the Cancer Center. Hey, that’s what the project is all about… making the center a little more pleasant for the people that don’t want to be there.

I’ll also have a couple of videos up showing the folios and prints—it is a little easier to get a sense of what they truly look like in a video. YouTube and Vimeo willing, they should be up later today (those links are my channels on the respective video hosts).

Thanks for looking. Feel free to spread this around on all your favorite social media sites. Or just sit there and enjoy it all to yourself! 

Online Store Open!

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Making Time for Art With a Full Time Job

I was just reading Daniel Sroka’s post an hour of art a day and feeling the same thing–my situation isn’t quite the same as I’m working a full time job, but I still feel like that I just don’t have enough hours in the day. My schedule is like this:

5:30am: Get up, eat, get ready for work
6:50am: Ride the subway
7:30am: Go to the gym (gotta exercise!)
9:00am: Work
5:30pm: Head home
7:00pm: Eat, read mail, feed the cat, etc.
10:30pm Crash

There is usually one or two hours before I hit the sack, but on most days I’m too wiped out to really focus on creative endeavors. A little frustrating.

How do you manage the time to do creative work with a full time job?