From The Archive: At The Hook

At some point in 2004 I went to see a friend of a friend’s band play at a great little bar The Hook in Redhook, Brooklyn. The bar was quite a hike to get to and was completely surrounded by warehouses—which make its location that much more interesting as there was no crowd wandering around outside and it had an eerie feeling like old warehousing areas sometimes do at night. I don’t recall the name of the band and apparently the bar has closed down, but it was a good night with good music, and the black and white photography just fit the scene. Technical note: shot with a Leica M6 and Fuji Neopan 1600. Click “More” for, well, more!

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Photo At the Hook #1


Photo At the Hook #2

Photo At the Hook #3

Photo At the Hook #4

Photo At the Hook #5

Photo At the Hook #6

 From The Archive: At The Hook.

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